Rosary Crusade

15-day rosary offered for special intentions.
We invite others to join us in praying in this ministry.
The Rosary Crusade is coordinated by Diana at 402-841-6355.


Other contacts in the Rosary Crusade are: Marianne (402-379-0470), Karen (402-379-9114), Linda (402-371-5982), Susan (402-371-8745), Rita (402-371-0336)

What is the Rosary Crusade? It is a group of 368 (24 groups) women and men praying the rosary every day.

The Rosary Crusade was started in Sacred Heart Parish by Elizabeth Nevill in the early 1950’s. It was originally chaired by Ruth O’Brien. Theresa Pint followed Ruth as chairman and served as chairman for 10 years until Bonnie McFadden volunteered to take over. She was assisted by Julia Sueper and Helen McNulty.

The Crusade started with 8 groups. Through the diligent work of Mildred Sloan, the Rosary Crusade grew from 8 to 18 groups or 270 people praying the rosary. Since then additional groups have been added for a total of 24 groups or 368 people and more groups are anticipated.

These 368 people are divided into groups. Each group has 15 people in it, that is 5 people for each of the 3 mysteries of the Rosary. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious. Each person is responsible for 1 decade of the mystery to which he or she is assigned. 1 person of the 5 responsible for a mystery is designated as a caller.

A Crusade is made at the request of a relative of a friend of a seriously ill person or someone under going surgery or just needing prayers. Any member of the Parish may request a Rosary. When someone calls with a request, the coordinator of the Rosary Crusade knows which group is next in line to pray. She contacts the chairman of the group. The chairman in turn calls the 3 callers for the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries and gives them the name of the person that they are to pray for. The caller notifies the other 4 people to provide them with this information and then they are to begin praying for this intention.

A Crusade last 15 days. There are 15 people saying one decade of the rosary for 15 days. The chairman of the groups sends a card to the person that is being prayed for. On the card the names of the 15 people saying the rosary are listed.

It is up to all of us to keep up the powerful prayers of the Rosary Crusade that has benefited so many, many people.