October Reading News

Good readers do several things:

-read for meaning

-check the picture for meaning

-use their finger when reading new texts and hard words

-get their mouth going with the sounds of the letters

-look for little parts and words they know in bigger unknown words

-read the entire word adding the endings (s, ed, ing)

-reread for fluency and meaning

-read to the punctuation (., !, ?)

-ask themselves...does it look right?

                         ...does it sound right?

                         ...does it make sense?

Enjoy reading!  It makes a world of difference.

Mrs. Guenther, Director of Reading

Monthly Reading Incentives for 5 days of 100% readers in your child’s classroom:

This reading incentive is a fun motivation for students to read nightly at home and have their parents sign their reading log. Everyone, read and get your parent's signature on your reading log.

Congratulations to the following classes on earning their Crazy Sock Day in September: 

    • Mrs. Janssen's Kindergarten
    • Mrs. Simon's Kindergarten
    • Mrs. Miller's First
    • Mrs. Strecker's First
    • Mrs. Moore's First
    • Mrs. Hochstein's Third
    • Mrs. Aren's Fourth
  • October - Pajama Day
  • November - Sweats Day
  • December - Ugly Sweater Day
  • January - Music Day - Throughout the day Mr. Lafleur will play music over the intercom, stop working and dance
  • February - Untuck Your Shirt Day
  • March - Backward Shirt Day
  • April - Mr. Lafleur will Kiss A Goat
  • May - Extra Recess