January Reading News

Enjoy a good story and making sure your child understands the story!

Happy New Year Families! 

Below are quick Story Retelling questions to make sure your child understands the story they have just read.  

  1. The name of the story is…
  2. The story takes place…
  3. The story is mostly about…
  4. In the beginning…
  5. Then…
  6. At the end…
  7. What was your favorite part of the story?

The January 2018 Book In Every Book Bag reading incentive is a whole school goal for a Music Day!  If we have 5 days of 250 readers, Mr. Lafleur will play music over the intercom at different times throughout the school day on Friday, February 2.  When the music is played, students will stop working and dance to the music.

Mrs. Guenther, Director of Reading


Monthly Reading Incentives:

This reading incentive is a fun motivation for students to read nightly at home and have their parents sign their reading log. Everyone, read and get your parent's signature on your reading log.

289 students earned their Ugly Christmas Sweater Day for reading in the month of December!  Great Work, Keep It Up!

Upcoming Incentives:

  • January - Music Day - Throughout the day Mr. Lafleur will play music over the intercom, stop working and dance - Whole School: 5 Day of 250+ readers

  • February - Untuck Your Shirt Day

  • March - Backward Shirt Day

  • April - Mr. Lafleur will Kiss A Goat

  • May - Extra Recess