August Reading News

Reading is so important to your child’s future, our goal is to create the habit of reading.

Dear Families,

Reading is so important to your child’s future.  Your child will be bringing home a Book In Every Book Bag reading calendar.  The goal is to read 10 minutes each night. Parents initial the calendar and students return the calendar to school each day.

The goal is to create the habit of reading.  Parents are important models for their children.  Encourage them to read and enjoy books. Ask them about what they are reading. Younger children can be read to.  Older children can enjoy reading every other page with their parent. Ask them about what they have read when you are finished.

Magazines, newspapers, maps, and church bulletins are all reading material.  

Just enjoy reading together!

We have planned some reading incentives for this year to add fun and excitement to our reading program!  Everyone, read and get your parent's signature on your reading log and help us reach these goals.


Making reading a lifelong habit,

Mr. Lafleur, Principal 

Mrs. Guenther, Director of Reading


Monthly Reading Incentives:

August - Free Recess for completing the Norfolk Public Library Summer Reading

September - Jeans  Day - individual student goal

October - Pajama Day - individual student goal

November - Sweats Day - individual student goal

December - Ugly Sweater Day - individual student goal

January - Music Day - Throughout the day Mr. Lafleur will play music over the intercom, stop working and dance - all school goal

February - Untuck Your Shirt Day - individual student goal

March - Backward Shirt Day - individual student goal

April - Mr. Lafleur will be taped to a wall - all school goal

May - Water Balloon Mr. Lafleur - individual student goal


These reading incentive days will be held at the end of each month and announced monthly for the classes that have achieved their goal.  Keep posted for the progress of your child and their classroom.